Families can use this site to:

  • Learn more about the GKIDS Readiness Check and how it will impact your child
  • Access information and videos about the 20 skills on which your child will be assessed
  • Find activity ideas to help support your child’s learning and development at home

Foundations of School Success

This area of learning includes students’ approaches to learning, social and emotional development, and physical development and motor skills. These attributes and skills, while often viewed as non-academic, are leading indicators of students’ progression towards future academic success.

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English Language Arts

This area of learning includes children’s early language and literacy development. These skills are foundational for fluent and effective communication and literacy skills such as reading and writing.

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This area of learning includes an understanding of shapes and spatial relationships, problem solving, identifying similarities and differences, and basic numeracy concepts.

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The GaDOE wants to help make sure transitioning to kindergarten is a collaborative process between the community, school, teacher, child, and family.

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